Sunday, March 29, 2009

Light The Way (PTU) Tut

Light The Way Tag Tut

This wonderful kit is by Dee at called FaerieLand V. Dee is graciously giving everyone 30% off the kit with the following coupon code. Use the code DSLANASBLOG30 and it is good until April 3, 2009. Thank you so much Dee! The tube I used is also part of the kit.

Here is the mask I used. Just right click and save to your computer somewhere.

Open a new canvas 500 x 500 white background.

CP a frame of your choice. Resize by 75%, sharpen. With your magic Wand tool, click inside the frame square. Don't forget the little loops in the bottom left corner. Select>Modify>Expand by 3. CP the background onto your canvas and resize by 50%. Move into box area and when you have it positioned to your liking, sharpen. Select>invert>delete. Select none.

With you magic wand, select inside the leaves on the frame. Make sure to get all the little areas. Selections>Modify>expand by 3. Paste another paper of choice and position on the leaves. Selections>Invert>Delete. Select none.

Magic wand inside the bow loop. Expand by 3 again. Paste another paper of choice. I resized mine 50% and sharpened. Invert and delete. Select none. Now drop shadow the frame 2/2/45/8.00

Move your 3 paper layers down under your frame. Hide your white background and merge visible. Unhide white background.

CP a doodle of choice onto your canvas. Resize 50% and sharpen. Move to the top right corner of your frame. Then with your eraser tool, erase the stem part of the doodle so that the top curl is hanging over the frame corner. DS the same.

CP a tube of your choice and resize, sharpen if needed. I used the faerie in the kit. DS 2/2/45/8.00 TWICE.

CP flowers from the kit. Resize 25% then 70%. Sharpen and place to your liking. DS 2/2/45/8.00

CP Foilage 1. Resize 40%. Image>Free rotate>Right 30% and sharpen. DS Same and move below your flowers. CP Foilage 2 and do the same but rotate it to the LEFT 30%. DS and move below your flowers.

Open 2 Butterflies of your choice. Copy one of them and then paste it onto the second butterfly. Resize by 90% and sharpen. Merge together. Copy and paste your new butterfly onto the working canvas. Image>Resize by 40%. Image>Free Rotate>right 30%. Sharpen and DS same. Move to your liking. Duplicate and mirror. Move the second one to your liking.

Hide your white background and merge visible. Unhide.

CP a paper of your choice and move below your tag layer. Resize by 75% and sharpen. Open your mask I provided and Layers>New Mask Layer>From Image with invert checked. Apply. Merge group. Now with your pick/deform tool, make the mask just slightly larger than the tag all the way around so you can just see the edges. Reposition the tag if needed. Layers>Merge Visible.

Image>Resize 400 x 400 pixels, all layers checked. Sharpen. Effects>Xero Porcelain with these settings: Softness 25, strength 128, brightness 129,Red 112, green 0, blue 255. ok.

Add your name and ©. Save as jpg if not animating. You are done.


Open Animation Shop. In PSP, choose your lighten/darken tool (next to your eraser in the drop down menu). Standard settings. Click 3 times on something in the background you want to glow. Just one thing though. Edit>Copy. Paste it in animation shop as a new animation.

Back in PSP, CTRL Z 3 times to remove what you just did. If you go back to far, just go to edit> repeat layer.... Now, with your tool again click 3 times on something else you want animated in the background. Edit>Copy. In AS, paste after current selection.

Back in PSP, CTRL Z 3 times again. Now, click 3 times on the lantern the fairy is holding. Feel free to move your clicks around alittle on the lanters instead of in one spot. This will make it look more natural. Edit>Copy. Back in AS, paste after current selection.

Check your animation by clicking on the little movie icon in the task bar. All ok? Save as a gif and you are done.

Hugs, Lana

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