Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Forever Vintage Tag Tut

This tag was made with the "Vintage Rose" kit, Add On and Freebie by DeesDelights and can be found here: http://dees-deelights.com/store

She is also having an Anniversary Special sale at her store on 6-25-09 on her kits for .21 cents! Can you beat that!!!! Thanks Dee!

On to the tut.....

You will also need the plug in AAA Filters Good Vibrations

New Canvas 600 x 600 white. Open both Wraps 2 and 3. Resize them 500 x 500 all layers checked. C\P onto the new canvas. Line up the wraps on top of each other in any order you like, with the top on a little lower so that you can see both wraps. Merge together. Duplicate>mirror>flip. Adjust them to make a frame. Hide your white background and merge visible.

With your lasso tool set on rectangle, draw a square just slightly bigger than the frame opening. C\P a tube of choice and center it inside the frame. C\P a paper of choice from the kit and Select>invert>Delete on both the paper layer and the tube layer. Select none. Drag the frame layer above your tube and paper layer. DS your tube and frame layer 2/2/65/10.00 Black. Hide white background again and merge visible.

Open up one of the Parasols from the add on kit. Resize to your liking and DS 2/2/65/5.00 black. Merge it down to the frame/tube layer.

Open Pin 01, resize by 25%. C\P onto your canvas. Resize another 50% and sharpen. Free Rotate 55% left and place in the top right corner of your frame. DS the same as before. C\P Brad of choice and resize by 25% then 75% and sharpen x2. Place in the bottom left corner. Move the layer below your frame layer and DS the same.

Open Bow 3 and Button 2. C\P button 2 onto the bow. Move it to the center of the bow. DS the same and merge down. C\P onto your working canvas and resize 20% then 35%, sharpen and DS the same. Move it up to the pin in the top left corner.

Hide your white background agian and merge visible.

Open a NEW CANVAS 600 x 600. Open 2 papers of choice : 1 light, 1 dark. C\P the light colored one onto the new canvas. Then do the same with the dark paper. Resize your dark paper 95%. Duplicate your white paper layer and move one of them up ontop of the dark paper. Resize 85%. DS both the top light layer and the dark layer the same settings as before. Merge these 3 layers. C\P as a new layer onto your tag/frame canvas. Resize by 85% then 80% again. Rotate left 45% and sharpen. Center it below your tag and merge your tag and papers together. you can now close that new paper canvas you just made and the papers. <.p>

Open a heart Doily of choice and resize 50% X 3. Move below your tag layer and slightly to the top. Sharpen.

C\P VRose Freebie 4 string. Resize by 15% and sharpen. Move it slightly to the right and under your frame but above the Doiley layer. Duplicate and mirror. DS the same. Hide your white background again and merge visible.

Duplicate your tag layer. On the BOTTOM tag layer: Effects>AAA Filter>Good Vibrations with standard settings. Don't be afraid to play with the settings if you want. On the TOP tag layer, resize it by 85%, sharpen. Merge visible all layers.

Add your name and Copywrite's. Save as a JPG.

(I added the wording "Forever Vintage" with Brickham Script at 90 and then DS 2/2/100/10.00 WHITE and then 2/2/40/4.00 Black.

Hope you enjoyed this tut. Lana

Just some odds and ends tags I made. Lol.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ahoy Tag Tut


Ahoy!!!! This tut was created mainly to let you learn animation steps for blinking and moving but you do not have to animate it.

This tut was created with Dee's "Denim Blue" kit adn can be located here: http://dees-deelights.com/store there is also a freebie add on to it located on her blog which you can access by her store. Thanks Dee for another great kit!

Open a new canvas 500 x 500 white. Open you tube of choice.

CP a lifesaver of you choice onto the working canvas. Resize it by 115% and sharpen. Select inside the opening with you magic wand and expand by 4. CP a paper of your choice, selection>invert>delete. Move it below your lifesaver frame.

CP a Tube of your choice. Resize if needed. Let it extend past the bottom of your frame just a bit. Duplicate the tube and move it below your frame layer but above the paper circle. Now, on your top tube, erase any part overhanging the frame opening so that it looks like your tube is coming out of the frame. Select your bottom tube layer and DS 2/2/65/9.00. DS your lifesaver frame the same. Now hide your white layer and merge visible. Unhide white background.

CP your parrot. Resize 50% and sharpen. i erased the stick so he could sit on the rope. DS the same. CP the light house and resize 50%. sharpen, DS, and move below your frame layer and to the top left. Hide your white background again and merge visible.

CP your wheel of choice. Resize by 50% and sharpen. DS same. Position to your liking.

CP an anchor of choice and do the same but resize 50% then 75%, free rotate left 30%.

CP a workd art of choice and move to bottom of frame. DS the same and them merge all but the white background again.

CP a paper of choice. Resize by 75% and Apply a mask (I used Becky 023) and merge group. Duplicate this mask layer and merge them together. Now merge the mask layer down to the white background.

Resize all layers 450 x 450 pixels and sharpen if needed. Add your copywrite and name and merge down to the mask/background layer. If you are not animating, save as a jpg. You are done.


Open up Animation Shop. U should have 2 layers on your working canvas; your mask/white background layer and your tube/frame layer. Duplicate your tag layer 2 times to give you 3 tag layers total and one background.

Zoom into your tag 250%. We are going to make the eyelids. Select your top tag layer in the pallets. With your freehand Lasso tool, follow the shape of the eye one at a time making a circle around them. Make it slightly bigger than the eye opening at the top. With your clone tool (a little button in your tool bar with 2 paint brushes on it), Set your copy area by holding down your sift key and your left mouse key and dragging it over to one of the eyes. Try to select an area where the color would most likely be the eyelid. Now color in your circled areas but only half way down so that the eyelid will look half closed. You may have to reset your color area several times depending on the tube you use. Once that is done on both eyes, take your brush tool with black color, set to 1 on the circle diameter and make some eyelashes on your half lids. Deselect. Hide this top tag layer now.

On your second Duplicate layer, repeat the process but color in the whole eyelid area. Don't forget to add your eyelashes on them. Also, don't be afraid to use your soften tool to blend in the edges of the top of the lids to the brows after you deselect. Got it so far? Pretty easy huh?

Now off to the rest of the animation..... bring your zoom size back down to 100% now. Choose one of your duplicate tag layers. Doesn't matter which one but the top one is easiest. Make sure it is unhidden...lol.

Select your WARP brush tool with size 50 or there about. Hardness 0, and mode is the side arrow selection. Click on the Parrot's head and move it up ever so slightly. Doesn't need to be much. Choose your lighten/darken tool size 20 and click several times on the lighthouse light.

Hide your top 2 duplicate layers. you should have your background layer and original tag layer visible. Edit>copy MERGED. Paste it is Animation shop as a new animation.

In PSP: Hide your original tag layer and unhide the first duplicate layer. Again, Copy Merged. Paste in AS after current frame.

In PSP: Hide your last use duplicate tag layer and unhide your second duplicate tag layer. Copy Merged and paste in AS after current frame.

In Animation Shop: Click on your first tag screen (should be your original tag you made) and change the frame properties to 100. Click on your half lid closed layer and change the frame properties to 15. Click on your closed lid layer and change the properties to 20.

Check your animation with the little movie icon in the tools bar. If satisfied, save as a gif and you are done.

Hugs, Lana

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

3 Tags I have made with Dee's Kits

Here are 3 tags I made with Dee's great kits at http://dees-deelights.com/store Made with her "Pickleberry" Kit Made with her "Denim Sin" Kit Made with Dee's "Mellow Mint" Kit

Please tell her that I sent you if you buy these wonderful kits!


Twilight Tag Tut

Photobucket My Version of Twilight

This tags was made with the gothy kit of Dee's at http://dees-deelights.com/store called "The Master Returns" and a freebie add on at her blog! Please tell her I sent you when you go to purchase.

Create a new canvas 500 X 500 white background. Copy and paste the frame from the kit and resize to 75% and sharpen. Magic wand inside the frame and modify>expand by 2.

CP the Journaling paper from the free add on kit. Move to where you want it, invert and delete. Select none and move under the frame. Drop shadow the frame and background 2/2/55/6.00

CP the gate from the kit and move below your frame layers and up a bit so you can see it out the top. DS the same.

CP the Sun Dial, resize by 50% then by 75%. sharpen and place at bottom left. DS same.

CP the Lamp, resize 50% x 4 and sharpen. move to the top of the gate and DS same.

CP the Candlabra and resize 25% then 50% sharpen and move to bottom right of frame. DS the same.

CP the Time Piece, resize 75%. Image>free rotate>left 30% and sharpen. DS the same and place below candles in bottom right.

Select your journal paper layer and float, defloat. CP a tube of choice and resize/sharpen if needed. Place in frame, invert and hit delete. Hide your white background and merge all visible layers. Unhide white background.

CP a paper of choice and move below frame layer. I used paper 02. Apply a mask of your choice; I used Becky Mask 023. Merge group. FM Tile Tools> Blend Emboss> standard settings. Ok./p>

CP the metal hinge. Move it below your frame layer and to the bottom but above your maske layer. DS same and merge with frame layer.

Open paper 5 and paper 3. Set each of them as your pallet colors by clicking on the material color blocks and choosing them in the patterns tab. Hide your bottom darker pattern color.

With your preset shape tool, eclipse shape and width 3, draw an oval above the top of the gate. KEEP IT AS A VECTOR LAYER!!!! Create a new raster layer on top of it. Unhide your bottom materials pattern dark color now. With your text tool and a font of your choice (I used Black Chancery), size 48 or there abouts, and stroke width 1, click on the top left part of your vector circle. Type out your word. It will curve around your oval that you made. If not, try it again. your should see an A+ when you are over the oval line. Once your work is written, convert your text to raster layer. Now you can delete the blank layer and your oval vector layer. Move your word into position and DS same.

Apply your name and copywrites. Crop it if needed. Save as a jpg if you are not animating. You are done.

Animation: Merge all layers. Open up animation shop.

In PSP, add a new raster layer so that you have 2 layers; your blank one and your tag layer. On your tag layer with your freehand lasso tool, make little teardrops over each candle. Don't worry about being neat as we are going to be changing them.

Eyecandy4000 Fire with the following settings:

Direction: 90
Column Length: 739.13
Flame Width: 13.86
Side Taper: 33.49
Movement: 33
Check Denser Flames
Check Start from far side
Random Seed: 567
ok. Select none and copy MERGED.

In AS: Paste as a new animation.

Back in PSP, undo your flame until you just have the outlines again. (CTRL Z) Apply the fire again but hit the Random Seed twice. Select None. If you want to make the lantern glow, click on your lighten/darken tool in your tool bar. Size 30 and click a few times on the lantern. Copy Merged and paste in AS after current frame.

Back in psp: CTL Z to get rid of the lantern glow and again until you see your little tear drop outlines again. Repeat the fire, hitting the random seed again. Copy Merged and paste in AS after frames.

Save as a gif and you are done. Hope you liked this tut.