Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Forever Vintage Tag Tut

This tag was made with the "Vintage Rose" kit, Add On and Freebie by DeesDelights and can be found here: http://dees-deelights.com/store

She is also having an Anniversary Special sale at her store on 6-25-09 on her kits for .21 cents! Can you beat that!!!! Thanks Dee!

On to the tut.....

You will also need the plug in AAA Filters Good Vibrations

New Canvas 600 x 600 white. Open both Wraps 2 and 3. Resize them 500 x 500 all layers checked. C\P onto the new canvas. Line up the wraps on top of each other in any order you like, with the top on a little lower so that you can see both wraps. Merge together. Duplicate>mirror>flip. Adjust them to make a frame. Hide your white background and merge visible.

With your lasso tool set on rectangle, draw a square just slightly bigger than the frame opening. C\P a tube of choice and center it inside the frame. C\P a paper of choice from the kit and Select>invert>Delete on both the paper layer and the tube layer. Select none. Drag the frame layer above your tube and paper layer. DS your tube and frame layer 2/2/65/10.00 Black. Hide white background again and merge visible.

Open up one of the Parasols from the add on kit. Resize to your liking and DS 2/2/65/5.00 black. Merge it down to the frame/tube layer.

Open Pin 01, resize by 25%. C\P onto your canvas. Resize another 50% and sharpen. Free Rotate 55% left and place in the top right corner of your frame. DS the same as before. C\P Brad of choice and resize by 25% then 75% and sharpen x2. Place in the bottom left corner. Move the layer below your frame layer and DS the same.

Open Bow 3 and Button 2. C\P button 2 onto the bow. Move it to the center of the bow. DS the same and merge down. C\P onto your working canvas and resize 20% then 35%, sharpen and DS the same. Move it up to the pin in the top left corner.

Hide your white background agian and merge visible.

Open a NEW CANVAS 600 x 600. Open 2 papers of choice : 1 light, 1 dark. C\P the light colored one onto the new canvas. Then do the same with the dark paper. Resize your dark paper 95%. Duplicate your white paper layer and move one of them up ontop of the dark paper. Resize 85%. DS both the top light layer and the dark layer the same settings as before. Merge these 3 layers. C\P as a new layer onto your tag/frame canvas. Resize by 85% then 80% again. Rotate left 45% and sharpen. Center it below your tag and merge your tag and papers together. you can now close that new paper canvas you just made and the papers. <.p>

Open a heart Doily of choice and resize 50% X 3. Move below your tag layer and slightly to the top. Sharpen.

C\P VRose Freebie 4 string. Resize by 15% and sharpen. Move it slightly to the right and under your frame but above the Doiley layer. Duplicate and mirror. DS the same. Hide your white background again and merge visible.

Duplicate your tag layer. On the BOTTOM tag layer: Effects>AAA Filter>Good Vibrations with standard settings. Don't be afraid to play with the settings if you want. On the TOP tag layer, resize it by 85%, sharpen. Merge visible all layers.

Add your name and Copywrite's. Save as a JPG.

(I added the wording "Forever Vintage" with Brickham Script at 90 and then DS 2/2/100/10.00 WHITE and then 2/2/40/4.00 Black.

Hope you enjoyed this tut. Lana

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