Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Springy Tag Tutorial (PTU)

I used the very springy kit of Dee's from Dees Delights called Across The Valley. You can purchase it here: http://dees-deelights.com/store

The Tube I used of Rion Vernon's http://www.pinuptoons.com/ . Can be purchased at http://www.cilm.com/.

Here is the background template I created. Just right click and save to your computer. It is in PNG format....

Open a new canvas 600 x 600 white. CP the frame and resize 75%. Ctrl A F and defloat. CP paper 15 from the kit. Resize by 75%. Select>Invert>Delete. Select none and delete your frame template layer now. You no longer need it. Hide your white background.

With your magic wand, select inside both frame layers while holding down your shift key. This allows you to select them both at the same time. Select>Modify>expand by 4. CP DL ART from the kit and move to your liking. Resize by 75%. Selections>Invert>Delete. DS your frame 2/2/45/5.00 then -1/-1/45/5.00 Unhide your white background.

CP bars template that you saved and CTRL A F and defloat. CP Paper 2 from the kit. Select>invert>Delete. DO NOT DESELECT! Duplicate this layer 2 more times to give you a total of 3 bar layers. Delete the bar template.

Open your kite from the free addon kit and resize it 35-40% then by 80%, sharpen. Effects>Muria Meister Copies with these settings: Number 4, Shift 55. Duplicate in the bottom dropdown menu and Random in the top left drop down. All other's stay the same. Click ok. Edit> Copy. Choose your bottom bar layer on your working canvas and paste the kite as a new layer. Hit Delete. Merge Down 1.

Go back to your kite and CTRL Z to remove your MM Copy you just did. Apply MM Copies again but change the Shift X to 30. ok. Edit>Copy. Go back to your working canvas and choose the middle bar layer. Paste as a new layer. Delete. Merge down 1. Go back to your kite copies and CTRL Z again. Reapply MM Copies one more time with the Shift X setting at 28. Ok. Copy. Back on your working canvas, select your top bar layer and paste as a new layer. Delete and merge down 1. NOW you can select none. DS each bar layer 2/2/45/5.00. Move your frame and scenery layer up in the pallets above these bar layers.

CP a tube of your choice. Resize if needed and sharpen. DS 2/2/45/8.00/ twice. Apply any of the other elements in the kit that you wish. Have fun with combining things! DS any you add 2/2/45/5.00

Hide your white background and ALL 3 bar layers. Merge Visible. Unhide your hidden layers. If you want to add a light background behind the bars, do it now. I used PAper 14 and just a standard mask. It looks fine without it though so it is your choice. Merge it to the white background if you do.

Image>Resize>all layers checked>400 x 400 pixels. Sharpen each layer. Add your name and ©.

At this point you should only have 5 layers; tag/tube layer, 3 bar layers, and your white background. Hide your middle and top bar layer. Edit>Copy MERGED.

Open Animation Shop and paste as a new animation. Back in PSP; hide your bottom bar layer and unhide your MIDDLE bar layer. Edit>Copy MERGED. Back in AS, paste after current selection.

Back in PSP. Hide your middle bar layer and unhide your top bar layer. In AS, paste after current selection. Now CTRL A on your keyboard. This selects all 3 layers at once. Animation in your tool bar>Frame Properties and change the speed to 35. Save as a gif.

Hugs, Lana

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