Friday, February 19, 2016

Lol, just shy of a month

Hi ya'll! I'm really not lazy, just a lot of things going on this month. Finally time to post and get up to date with the layouts.

Beginning of the month was crazy and frantic in motion, a few weeks ago my Hubby had complained of his calf hurting. We thought it was just a pulled muscle, wrong! A few days later, his ankle was swollen like a grapefruit but would be back to normal in the mornings. He came home to get to the Dr. to find out he has 2 blood clots in his calf. One going down from his heart to his foot, the other from his foot TO his heart! So after 5 days of blood thinner shots in his belly (yep, I had to give them) and oral blood thinners, he went back on the road. He walks around a lot now instead of mainly being in the Semi. It has been a nightmare! Hopefully after a week and a half, they have dissolved. He goes back in this coming Monday night. Sunday we have to leave and go back to Colorado so I can see my Dr. Busy Busy!

So on to what you came for.... enjoy.

PS.. From now on, I will just link the kit preview to it's store for you. Just click on the preview to be taken there.

  For this one if you would like the 3600 x 3600 ^^ I was given permission to share:
This kit is a FWP. ^^^
Another FWP ^^^
Another FWP ^^^

Also has a free mini!
Also has a free mini!
                        Has A Free mini too!

Almost done... lmao.

That's all for now. Wishing you all a great weekend ahead! 
Until next time..... keep scrappin! 

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