Monday, June 6, 2016

So I have been REALLY bad but with good reason.......

Sorry that I haven't kept up with the layout posts. Life here has been beyond crazy! May 1st our first Grand Daughter was born; Remington Nicolle. She is a doll!

These pics were taken right after she was born.

Previous to that, we had a family altercation and had to remove our youngest son from the house. He is 27. That killed me to do but had to be done. My house has been in complete lock down since for my security. My hubby chose not to go back out on the road last week and is not working locally because he didn't want me home alone to deal with all this... plus he loves me and wants to grow old with me (in his own words). LMAO, he is my best friend and Soul Mate for sure! So, enough about my life... here is what you came for. Onward.....

Above was a daily download in May 2016.

 This kit is free with purchase....

This kit is FWP


That's all folks. Hope you see something you like. Until next time..... keep scrappin'!

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