Monday, February 9, 2009

Heart 2 Heart PTU Tut

Heart 2 Heart Tag Tut

This tut was made with the fantastic kit "Berry Delight" made by Dee at:

All other supplies are here:

Including the awesome mask made by Sabre called "OtherWorldFae Mask 1".

On to the tut........

1. New pallet 600 x 600 white. Copy and Paste (C/P) Paper 1 from the kit. Layer>new mask layer>OtherworldFae mask1> apply. Merge Group.

2. C/P paper 1 again. Resize buy 65% and Drop Shadow (D/S) 2/2/65/8.00

3. C/P paper 5. Resize 65%. Image, free rotate LEFT 20%. D\S Same as above.

4. C/P paper 3. Do the same as you did on the last two only rotate RIGHT. Hige your white background layer and mask, merge visible. Unhide white background layer and mask.

5. C/P Ribbon 1. resize 55% and rotate LEFT 20%. Move it to the bottom right corner of your paper layer. Select your papers layer and CTRL A and CTRL F then selections>defloat. (Your papers should be outlined now). Selections>Invert and select the RIBBON layer and hit DELETE. Select none and d/s the ribbon same as above.

6. C/P the Wire heart 03. Resize by 75% and sharpen. With your magic wand tool, select inside the center of the wire heart (you may have to hide your papers and mask layer). Paste in my Cameo or another another tube of choice, center in the box and select>invert> Delete. Deselect. Move your tube or cameo below the heart. This step is optional but I then went to effects>Xero>Porcelain at 50/66/128/110/00 and moved the Blue lever to zero and the red to my liking. Merge the two. D/S same.

7. C/P Heart 5 and resize 50% and then 75%. Sharpen twice. Move below the wire heart in layers and position to your liking. D/S same.

8. C/P Bling. Resize by 40% then 75%. Sharpen. Move it to the top left corner. D/S 2/2/65/2.00

9. C/P flowers of choice. I resized mine all by 35%. Sharpen X 2. Position flowers to your liking and d/s the same as the bling you just did. Merge them together.

10. Make sure all layers are showing and merge visible. Resize all layers checked to 400 X 400 pixels. (or higher if you like). Sharpen.

11. Add your name and copywrites. Save as a jpg.

Hope you enjoyed this tut.

Hugs, Lana

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Anonymous said...

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