Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let Me Call U Sweetheart Tut

Another Great PTU Kit by Dee (Love Berry) and you can find it here: http://dees-deelights.com/store/

The mask I used and the angel girl are in my zipfile here: http://www.4shared.com/file/87042771/253879d1/Let_Me_Call_U_SweetHeart_Tut_Supplies.html

Onward to the tut...lol.

1. Create a new pallet 600 x 600 white.

2. C\P Paper 5 from the kit. Layers>new mask layer from image>Ginasgem_Mask5>apply. Merge group.

3. C/P Frame 02 and resize by 50%. Sharpen

4. With your selection rectangle tool, draw just outside the center of the frame hole. C/P paper7. Select Invert and hit delete. Select none. Move your paper below the frame in the pallets layer and d/s the frame 2/2/65/8.00

5. C/P Heart Matt 6 (or your choice), resize by 35%. Move it into the center of your frame. sharpen and d/s the same as before.

6. C/P Ribbon 2 (or your choice), resize it by 75% and sharpen. Put it below the frame but above the background paper. Erase the ends that are sticking out. D/S the same.

7. Ok, minimize that pallet for now. Open a new pallet 600 x 600 transparent background. Pick 2 heart buttons and contrasting flower button from the kit. C/P both heart buttons onto this new canvas. Resize each by 60% and sharpen. Line up side by side but alittle overlapping. C/P your flower button of choice and resize 60%, sharpen. Put it onto the center of one heart button. Duplicate it and move it over to the second heart button. Merge all of those together. Resize by 45% and sharpen. Now duplicate the merged layer and move over so that it makes a line. Merge that down. Copy it from your drop down menu.

8. Open back up your working canvas and paste the heart/flower chain you just made. D/S 2/2/65/15.00

9. Copy the little angel I supplied or one of your own tubes. Position it so that it looks like it is sitting on your heart chain you just made. D/S you tube the same as the heart chain.

10. C/P Bow 2. Resize by 25% then by 75%. Sharpen. D/S 2/2/65/8.00 and move to the top corner of the frame. Image>Free Rotate>Right> 20%. Resharpen.

11. C/P Flowers of your choice onto the canvas. I resized each one 35% and sharpened. Move it to the right of your frame, below the heart chain. D/S 2/2/65/8.00

12. Hide your white background layer and your mask layer. Merge Visible. Resize by 90% and sharpen. Center on your mask layer and merge down.

13. With your rectangle selection tool, draw a box just around the outside of your mask. Image>Crop to selection. Resize by 85% all layers CHECKED. Merge Visible.

14. Still alittle blurry? Adjust>Sharpness>HIGH PASS SHARPEN> with radius 2.00, strength 20.00 and blend mode in soft light. Finis!!!!

Add your copywrite, name and save.

Hope you liked this tut.

Hugs, Lana

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