Friday, March 20, 2009

Forest Sprite Tut (PTU)

This tut was created with the kit called All I need by Dee's Delights @

My additional supplies can be downloaded here:

Create a new canvas 600 x 600 White background.

CP frame 1 and resize by 70%. Sharpen.

Magic wand inside frame opening and select>modify>expand by 4. CP Paper of choice, invert, delete. Move this paper layer below your frame. DO NOT DESELECT! Invert again. Paste a tube of your choice and center in the frame. If you want to color the tube go to ADJ>Hue/Saturation>Colorize>with hue 0 and Saturation 73. Invert, Delete. Select none. DS your frame layer 2/2/45/7.00 Hide your white background and merge visible. Unhide.

Open Brad 2. CP as a new layer and resize 40%. Sharpen. Position it beside the frame. Duplicate and line it up underneath. Duplicate again and line it up. Merge these 3 brads together. Duplicate once again and Image>Mirror. Image>Flip. Adjust them if you need to. Merge these 2 sets of brads together and DS the same. Merge down to the frame layer.

Open, CP doodle 4. Resize by 65% and move it under your frame layer to the bottom. Duplicate and Image> Mirror. Image>Flip. Position at the top of the frame. Merge the 2doodles together and sharpen. DS the same. Merge the frame layer down to the doodles.

Open 2 contrasting flowers of choice. Copy your darker flower and paste it onto your lighter flower. Image>Free Rotate 20% left. Merge down to the lighter colored flower. CP it now as a new layer onto your canvas. U can close out the original flowers now but don't save them when it asks! With your flower layer selected, resize 20% and sharpen. DS the same. Move to your bottom left corner. Layers>Duplicate and move to your top right corner.

Copy some vines or use the ones I supplied. Resize to liking, DS the same. Move under the flowers you just made. Merge the flowers and vines together only. Do not merge them to the frame if you are going to animate!

CP Paper 6 onto the canvas and move it under your frame layer. Resize 85% and sharpen. Open Mask 0721 AMLRMask in my supplies. With paper layer selected, Layers>New Mask Layer from Image and select the mask. Invert box checked. Ok. Merge Group. Image>Resize 110%. Reposition your frame layer and flowers if needed centering. Hide your Flower/Vine layer and merge visible.

Image>Resize 75%, all layers checked. Unhide your Flower/Vine Layer. Add your name and copywrite. If you are not animating it, you can save as a jpg and you are done, yippie!


You should have 2 layers: tag layer and flower/vine layer. Select your vine layer. Open up Animation shop. On your Vine layer: Effects>Xenofex2 Constellation> with these settings:

Star Size = 2.42 Size Variation = 1 Edge Density = 1 Overall star density = 0 Overdrive = 73 Twinkle Amount = 62 Rotation = 45 Keep Original checked. Ok.

Edit> copy MERGED In Animation shop: Paste as a new animation Back in PSP: Ctrl Z on your keyboard. Apply your Constellation again but hit the random seed button once. All others stay the same. Ok. Edit> Copy MERGED In Animation Shop: Edit>Paste after Selectioned frame. Back in PSP: Ctrl Z again and repeat the Constellation hitting the random seed again. Copy Merged. Apply it in Animation Shop once again.

Once you have all the screens you want to make with a minimum of 3, In Animation Shop: Ctrl A on your keyboard (this selects all the new screens at the same time) Then go to Animation>Frame Properties> and change the speed to 20. Save as a Gif and you are done!

Hugs, Lana

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