Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wanna Get Lucky? Tut

This tut was created with the wonderful kit from Dee's Deelights at Called Mintie. Thank you for creating such a great kit!

The tube I used is from Keith Garvey at and can be purchased through MPT. Please do not use without a license.

All my other supplies and the animated flower/words I made myself and can be downloaded here:

On to the tut.....

Create a new canvas 600 x 600 wht.

Open the tmeplate #63 by Ali and hide the copywrite layer. Merge down the shape 2 layer and doodle. CP this new template onto your working canvas. Image-Resize-85%. Select all-Float-Defloat.

CP paper 7 from the kit. Selection-Invert-Delete. Select none. DS this layer 2/2/45/5.00 Go ahead and delete your template later as you won't be needing it again.

Back on your #63 template, copy the template that is labeled Shape 1. Paste as a new layer onto your working canvas. You can close out your Ali Template 63 now. On your working canvas, Select all-Float-Defloat that new shape. CP paper 10, resize by 75% and Adj-Sharpen. Invert-Delete-Select none. Delete your template layer once again and resize this new layer 90%. Float and Defloat this layer again.

Layer-New Raster Layer. Click on your materials palet and change the top box to any gold gradient under your gradients tab. I used JER Gold with no repeats. Fill your new layer with the gold. Select-Modify-Contract by 9 and delete. Deselect. Image-Resize 101%. DS 1/1/45/3.00 then -1/-1/45/3.00

CP your tube. Resize if needed and sharpen. Position to your liking but off to the right. CP a ribbon of your choice and move it below the frame layer in your palets. Duplicate it and move this duplicate above your frame. Select your top template layer you made and Float then defloat it. Selections-Modify-contract2. Invert. Now select the ribbon layer that is below your frame and hit delete. You won't see anything happen because of the top ribbon. Deselect. Now, go to your top ribbon layer and erase the ends of the ribbon well into the frame background. Select your bottom ribbon layer again and DS 2/2/45/5.00

Open Flowers1. with your freehand lasso tool, draw around the bunched flowers. Copy. Paste onto your working canvas. Move it down below your frame and top template layer. DS the same.

CP the word template I made onto the middle of the frame. Position to your liking. CP another paper of your choice and brag it down to just above the white background. Apply your mask Becky 23 (Layers-new mask layer from image-Becky23-ok). Merge Group.

Select your very first template layer ( the one with the doodles) and DS the same. Highlight your top layer in Palets. Open Butterflies of choice, resize 35% then 50%. Sharpen and CP onto your working canvas. DS the same. CP your dragonfly and do the same to it. Position.

On your tube layer, DS 2/2/65/10.00 Hide your wht background and mask layer. Merge visible. Unhide and center your tag on the mask layer. Merge Visible all layers. Resize all layers checked, 450 x 450 Pixels. Sharpen and add your copywrites and name.

If you are not animating then you are done and can save as a jpg.


Edit-Copy. Open up Animation shop and paste as a new animation. Duplicate your tag to 3 layers by hitting the little duplicate icon in the task bar twice.

Open up the animated flower I made and CRTL AC and click on your tag animation- CTRL AE. Position the flower where you want it and hit your left mouse button. You can always hit CTRL Z to remove it and do it again. Check your animation by hitting the little movie icon in the task bar.

Save as a gif. You are done!

Hope you liked this one, Lana.

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tasrunswithvampires said...

Hey Lana!! Can't wait to give this one a try! What font did you use for the words? Looks awesome!!


Peace, Tas