Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lucky In Love Tag Tut

This tut was created with an awesome new kit by Dee at called Luck Of The Irish.

The tube I used is by Tom Hoover at and MPT. Please do not use without a valid license.

All My additional Supplies can be downloaded here:

The Mask I used is a wonderful Sabre creation Love Of Eon and is included in my supplies but please visit him here to get all his gorgeous freebies!

Alrighty, we are off......

Create a new canvas 600 x 600 Wht. Background (BKGD).

Copy and Paste (CP) the circle template out of my supplies. Select all>Float>defloat.CP the green Irish pattern onto the canvas BUT DON'T MOVE IT! Effects>Mura Meister Copies with these settings: Random=Tile, At the bottom drop down select Wallpaper. Everything else stays the same. Ok. Now your circle template should be covered with the Irish Green Pattern.Selections>Modify>Contract by 20 and delete. You can delete your circle template layer now.

Magic wand the center of the circle. Select>Modify>Expand 4. CP a paper of choice, I used #8. Resize 60% and sharpen. Select>Invert and delete. Move this below your frame layer. Select your frame layer again in the palets and Efects>3d effects>inner bevel> Bevel shape #2, Width 3, smooth 10, depth 2, Ambience 0, Shininess 1, Angel 354, Intensity 45, Elevation 30, white color, ok. Drop Shadow (DS) 2/2/45/5.00 Black. Hide all layers now but the white bkgd.

CP your little clover template from my supplies. Isn't it cute? I made it Float and Defloat. Layers>New Raster Layer> ok. Click on your top materials color square and change it to a gold gradient of choice in your gradients tab. Repeats 0 and angle at 323. With your fill tool, fill the top layer you just made with the gold. Select none and delete the clover template. Effects>3d effects>Inner Bevel the same as before but change your width to 1 and your depth to 1. Resize 75% and sharpen. Duplicate and hide it so that you have 2 clover frames but can only see 1.

With your magic wand tool, click inside the clover center. Selections>Modify>Expand 2. CP another contrasting paper from the kit. Resize 50%, invert and delete. Invert again. Duplicate this little clover background and hide it. You should still see one clover frame and one clover bkgd. CP your tube of choice and move over to the clover. Center whatever you want showing within the little marching ants. Invert and delete. Select none.

Now, go to your raster layer palet and double click on this tube layer. Change the opacity to 75% and the blend mode to Illuminance. Move both your tube layer and the clover bkgd layer below the clover frame. Hide your wht bkgd and merge visible. Hide this finished clover frame. Unhide your white bkgd and your other 2 clover frame pieces. Select the clover bkgd and float, defloat. repeat the process of adding the tube again just as you did. When you are done, hide the white bkgd and merge visible.

Unhide all your layers. DS both small clovers the same as before. Position them to your liking on the circle frame. Now, repaste your main tube, resize if needed, sharpen. DS 2/2/55/10.00

Open a charm of your choice, resize by 50% and sharpen. Position to your liking and DS 2/2/45/5.00 CP a bow that you like, resize, sharpen and DS the same. CP a horseshoe of choice, resize 50% and sharpen. Position behind your tube and to the bottom. I erased some of it that i didn't want showing as I really only wanted the clover and flowers. Duplicate, mirror and move to the top right of your tube. DS both horseshoes that same as before. CP the Pot of Gold. Resize 65% and sharpen. DS the same and move into position. Hide your white bkgd layer and circle bkgrd layer. Merge Visible. Unhide all.

CP another paper of choice. Move it below your tag and cicle bkgrd layer. Open your SL New Eon Sabre Mask. Click back on your tag canvas and Layers>New Mask Layer from Image>Select the mask and ok. Merge Group. Layers>Resize 110% and sharpen.

Resize>all Layers checked> 450 x 450 and the sharpen each layer. You should now have 4 layers: Frame/tag Layer, Circle Background, Mask, and wht bkgd. Add your name and copywrites then merge down to your top tag layer. Hide your top tag layer and merge visible all the rest. Copy MERGED.

Open Animation Shop. In AS, paste as a new animation (Edit>Paste>As a new animation). Hit your little duplicate icon two times to give you 3 screens. Open your animated clover from my supplies. CTRL A C on the clover. Click on your background layer and CTRL A E. Position the clover on the green background circle where you think it should be and click your left move button.

Go back to PSP. Hide your background layer and unhide your tag frame layer. Copy MERGED.

Go back to AS and paste as a NEW ANIMATION once again. Make two more by hitting your duplicate icon twice. CTRL A C. Click on your background/clover layer and CTRL A E. Center your frame onto the circle background. Click your mouse. You can check your animation by clicking on the little movie icon in the top tool bar.

Save as a gif and you are done! Hope you liked this tut.

Hugs, Lana

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