Monday, March 2, 2009

Innocence Remebered Tag Tut


Innocence Remebered

This tut was made with the great kit from Mystee at: called Moments In Love.

The wonderful art I used is by Zindy at: Please don't use her art without a valid license.

Onward to the tut.......

600 x 600 Wht bkgrnd

Open a matt of your choice and resize 50% x 3. C/P as a new layer and sharpen. With your rectangle selection tool, draw over the little inside square dots. C/P a tube of your choice. Invert>delete, select none. In your layers palet, double click on that layer. Change the layer properties to Screen and 80% opacity or your choice. Merge down and DS 2/2/45/5.00.

Open Element 15 heart. Resize to 20% x 2, sharpen. CP onto canvas and DS the same. Move this to the top right corner of your canvas.

CP Element 19, resize 20% and sharpen. Move to bottom right corner and DS the same.

CP Element 10 Ribbon. Resize 20% then 75%. Sharpen. Image>flip. CP your main tube of choice. Resize if needed and sharpen. Move it so that it is slightly to the side of your frame. DS 2/2/65/10.00 Move the ribbon down to the bottom of your main tube and then make sure it is ABOVE your tube in the layers palet. If not, drag it up one.

Select your text tool and a bold font. I used Arno Pro Smbd Caption at 72 pixel size. Type out any word you choose to. Hit ok. DO NOT RASTERIZE YET! You can stretch out and manipulize the word to the size or height you want it by moving the little square boxes aroung the type. When you are satisfied, rasterize your text layer. Layers>Rasterize. Float and defloat the text (CTRL A, CTRL F and then selections>Defloat) Open a paper of your choice, resize by 50%. CP onto the canvas and move it over to your typed letters. Invert>Delete. Deselect and now you can delete your typed text layer.

Select your text layer if it is not already. Effects>EyeCandy4000>Gradient Glow>Under the colors tab type in the color #a3adc5 with opacity at 100. Under the Basics Tab = Glow width 3, Soft corners 25, Overall Opacity 100, Draw only outside box checked. Ok. DS 2/2/45/5.00 Move your word down 1 layer, below your ribbon. Position to your liking.

Open your flowers 12 & 13. CP Flower 13 ONTO your flower 12. Merge the two flowers together, resize by 50% x 4, sharpen. CP this new flower onto your canvas, DS the same and move it to one side of your ribbon.

Hide your Wht Bkgrnd and Merge Visible. Unhide your bottom layer.

Open a paper of your choice. I used paper 15. CP as a new layer. Open your mask supplied and Layers>New mask layer from image>Mask 04 and INVERT BOX CHECKED. Ok. Merge group. I duplicated my mask layer 4 times and merged them together. To make it brighter: ADJ>Brightness/Contrast> bright -30, contrast 20.

Open a butterfly of your choice. CP and resize 15% then 50%, sharpen. Image>Free Rotate> left 30%. Position to your liking and sharpen again. DS the same. Merge down to tag layer.

You should now have 3 layers in your palets. Tag Layer, Mask Layer, and wht bottom. Resize all layers checked 400 x 400 (or your preference). Sharpen each layer. Add your name and copywrite, merge down to tag layer. If you are not animating the tag, you are done and can save as a jpg.


Hide your wht background and your tag layer in palets only. Highlight your mask layer. Edit> Copy MERGED.

Open Animation Shop and paste as a new animation. Hit the "Duplicate" icon button in the top bar until you have 5 screens. Effects>APPLY IMAGE EFFECTS> Check mark the elapsed time box. Effect is UNDERWATER. Show preview box is also checked. Click on your "Customize" button and select "Apply Sunlight Dappling". Sunlight Intensity 10, water depth 15, and play with your little layer directional lines/buttons until you have a somewhat of a star pattern of the lines with dots at the ends. I can't give you exacts as I want you to just play around and see what you like. Click ok. Click on screen #1 and delete it. Now you have 4 screens. Leave that now and go back to PSP.

In PSP, hide your mask layer and unhide your wht background. COPY MERGED and go back to Animation Shop. Paste as a NEW ANIMATION. Hit your duplicate button again until you have 5 screens. Select and Delete one of them so you have 4 screens. Now, on the animated mask layer we just made in AS... Hit your keyboard buttons CTRL A C to copy all screens at the same time. Click on your wht background screen and CTRL E on your keyboard. Move your mask around to center it on the white background and click your left mouse button. You should now have all 4 layers with white and mask layer together.

Back in PSP. Hide your wht background and unhide your tag layer. COPY MERGED. and back to Animation Shop. Paste as a new animation once again and duplicate it to 5 screens. Select 1 screen and delete. You now have 4 tag screens. CTRL A C and select your background that we just left. CTRL E and position your tag layer onto the background then click your mouse. To check your animation, hit the little movie icon on the task bar. All's well? Save as a Gif and you are done.

Hope you like this tut.

Hugs, Lana

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