Friday, February 27, 2009

The View Tag Tut


This kit was created with the wonderful kit of Doris' at called "Forgotten Days".

The tubes I used are from MPT and Joe Warda at or


Open a new canvas 600 x 600 Wht background. Open up your tubes and minimize them. Open up your kit.

C/P the door of your choice and resize to fit in the top right corner. I resized mine 40%. Sharpen.

With your rectangle tool, draw a square just outside the window panes. C/P Paper 13 and move it to the window. C/P a tube of your choice you want to see through the window. Resize and sharpen if needed. Invert and hit delete on both the tube and paper layer. Select none.

With your magic wand, select inside the arches that you want color at. Selections>Modify>expand 2. Edit>paste as a new layer your paper again. Move it to the arches, invert and delete. Move these all under the window frame and merge together. D/S the window 2/2/40/5.00

C/P a bench of your choice and resize to your liking (35%). Sharpen. Move below the window. D/S 2/2/45/5.00

Open your vases of choice and resize/sharpen. I resized mine 40% x 2. Place on your bench end. Merge togther and drop shadow 2/2/30/5.00

C/P branches of your choice. I resized mine 35% then 70%, sharpen. Move them so they look like they are coming out of the vases. You may need to use your eraser to take some of the stem off. Merge the branches together and D/S same as the vases. Merge to vases.

C/P a bow of choice and resize to your liking. Sharpen and position under vases. D/S the same as before. C/P the fan. Resize 30%, sharpen and place on the bench. D/S the same. C/P the harp. Resize 30% or to your liking and sharpen. D/S the same. I then added the book and present but u can leave it empty or add anything you like.

Hide your wht background and merge visible. Unhide your background. C/P the blue tree. Resize 85%, sharpen. Drag this below your window layer and centered towards the left. Duplicate and merge down one. Duplicate again, mirror and flip. Merge these 2 tree layers together.

C/P your blue heart charms and resize 40%, sharpen. Move to the left of your window. D/S same as before.

Time to paste your main tube. Resize and sharpen if needed. Position to your liking. D/S 2/2/75/15.00

C/P the bird bath and risize 25% then 50%. Sharpen and position to liking. D/S 2/2/40/5.00

C/P the hummers of choice and resize 25% then 50%. Sharpen and position. D/S 2/2/45/5.00

C/P The butterflies of choice and resize to your liking. Sharpen and position. D/S the same.

Hide your wht background and tree's. Merge visible. Unhide. Resize, all layers checked 400 x 400 pixels. Sharpen each layer.

Add your copywrite and name, merge down to tag layer. If you are not animation, merge all and save as jpeg.


You should still have 3 layers in your palets. Tag layer, Tree layer and wht background. Highlight the trees layer. Adj>Add Remove Noise>Add noise> 65% uniform and monochrome. Ok.

Copy MERGED. Open Animation shop and paste as a new animation.

Go back to PSP and CTRL Z to remove the noise you had on there. Adj>Add noise> ok. DO NOT CHANGE SETTINGS! Copy MERGED.

Go to A.S. and paste after selected frame. Go back to PSP, Ctrl Z again and reapply. I did mine for a total of 4 screens in animation shop. Save as a gif in animation shop.

You are finis!

Hope you liked this tut.

Hugs, Lana

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Henutsen said...

HermosĂ­simo el tutorial cielo.
Me ha encantado.
Sobre todo por los tonos azĂșles.