Thursday, February 26, 2009

Another Fun Tut "Grunge Babe" FTU kit


This tut was created with the FTU kit by ScrapDimensions at:

The wonderful tube I used was by Andrew Sussmann and can be purchased here: You must have a license to use his tubes.

My additional supplies can be found here:

Open a new canvas 600 x 600 white background. Unzip and open all supplies.

On your Frame template, Select all>float>Defloat. and C/P paper 3 from the kit. Select invert and hit delete. Select none. Now copy and paste this new frame onto your working canvas. You can close out the template now.

On your new frame layer, Effects>3D Effects>Inner Bevel with these settings: Bevel #2, Width 10, Smooth 10, Depth 15, Ambiance 0, Shininess 1, Angle 354, Intensity 45, Elevation 30, and Color White. Ok.

Magic Wand inside the 2 long boxes. Select>Modify>expand 4. Open paper #8 and c/p onto canvas. Select>invert>delete. select none. Move this below your frame. Magic wand the center of the heart. Expand by 4 and paste paper #2. Invert and delete. Select none.

C/P skull of choice from the kit. Resize by 40% and sharpen. Move to the center of the heart. D/S 2/2/45/5.00 Drop shadow the same to your frame layer.

Open the Grunge Babe Charm and c/p onto canvas. Resize 50% x 2 and sharpen. Place it over the heart part of the frame and erase part of the chain so it looks like it is coming through the heart. D/S 2/2/75/5.00

C/P a tube of your choice and resize to fit where you like. Remember to sharpen when you are done. D/S 2/2/75/10.00

Select your white background layer now. C/P a paper of your choice. I used #1. Layer>New Mask Layer from image and select the ESP_frayed squares mask. Merge group and resize 75%. Apply your paper again. Redo your mask again but select the BUTTERFLIES OVAL1222... mask. Merge Group and resize 75%. Center this onto your first mask layer and Merge this down to the first mask layer. Don't worry about your frame being off-center as we will fix that.

Select your top layer in palets. Open FLOWERS 6 and 7. Resize by 50% x 2 then 60% and sharpen. C/P onto your canvas. Position to your liking and D/S each 2/2/45/5.00. Merge your flowers together.

Open your Doodle #2 and resize by 50%. Sharpen. C/P onto canvas and move below your flowers. D/S same as flowers and merge together with flowers. Drag this layer below your charm layer but above your frame. Layers>Duplicate>Image>Mirror>Flip and position in the top left corner.

Make sure your tube layer is the top layer. If not, move it up. Hide your tube layer, Wht background, and mask layer. Merge Visible. Unhide all. Now you can center your frame onto the mask. D/S again if you like 2/2/45/5.00

Reposition your tube if needed and merge down to the frame layer. C/P Butterflies of choice and resize 40% x 2. Sharpen. Position to your liking and D/S same as before. Merge the butterflies down to your frame layer.

If you are not animating this tag, merge all layers together. Resize to your liking and sharpen. Add your name and copywrites, you are done! Yah!


Resize all layers to your liking. Sharpen and add your name and copywrites. Merge down to tag layer.

You should have 3 layers in your palets; Tag layer, mask layer and wht background layer. Select your mask layer. Effects>Alien Skin Xenofex>Constellation. These are the settings I used..... Star size 3.27 - Variation 0 - Edge Density 31 - Overall Density 6 - Overdrive 90 - Twinkle Amount 85 - Twinkle Rotation 45 - Keep Original Image Checked. Ok.

Edit>copy merged.

Open Animation Shop. Edit>Paste as a new animation.

Back to PSP. Ctrl Z to remove the constellation your put there previously. Reapply your constellation but hit the RANDOM SEED button once. Ok. Copy Merged. Go back to AS and paste after current frame.

Back to PSP and repeat the above one more time. Copy Merged. Go back to AS and paste again after currect frame.

Check your animation by clicking on the little movie icon in your task bar. Save as a gif and you are done! Yippie!

Hugs, Lana

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Celine said...

You are doing super writing tutorials Lana - very proud of you girlfriend. Love them all!