Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In The Army Now (PTU)

This tut was made with the irresistible kit of Seashell's called "In The Army Now" and can be purchased here:

Create a new canvas 500 x 500 Black Background. Open Element 61 frames. Image-Rotate Right. CP onto your canvas and resize 50%. Move to the lower part of your canvas. With your magic wand, select inside each frame. Selections-Modify-expand by 4.

CP paper 10 onto canvas and resize by 50%. Move over to frame. Invert-Delete. Sharpen and move below the frame. Hide this layer in the palets now.

Magic wand one of the frame openings, Selections-modify-expand by 4. CP a Tube of choice. Select-invert- delete. Select none and mover below frame layer. Repeat steps for the other 2 frames. DS each tube 2/2/60/7.00 and well as the frame itself. Hide your black background and merge visible.

CP one of the t-shirts. Move behind your frame layer and resize 75%. Sharpen. CP your main tube and move behind the frame. Resize and sharpen if needed. CP Element 64 Post Card. Resize 50% then 75%. Image-Free Rotate- Right 30% and move it up to top left corner and behind your main tube. Sharpen and DS same. CP Flowers of your choice. Resize 40% twice and sharpen. Move to your liking.

CP Element 31 or your choice of banner. Resize 75% and sharpen. Move it to the top and below your main tube. CP Element 24 Bow. Resize 20%, sharpen and put on bottom right corner of the banner. DS same. CP Element 68 Chain. Resize 20% then 50% or to your liking. Image-Flip. Image-Rotate Left 40%. Hang it under one of your frame flowers. DS same. CP another flower of your choice and resize to liking. Put it on the opposite side of the banner, sharpen and DS same. CP words of choice. Resize to your liking, sharpen, and hang off the chain. CP a dog tag of choice. Resize to liking, sharpen and hang off of the banner bow.

Hide your black background and merge visible. Unhide and select your tag layer. Effects-EyeCandy 4000 Gradient Glow with these settings: Glow Width = 3.00 Soft Corner = 25 Opacity = 100 Draw outside only = checked Under the color tab = color is #93c791 all others settings standard. Ok.

Merge visible. Image-Resize all layers checked 450 x 450 pixels.

Image-Canvas Size-475 x 475 with Center Square checked. Top = 12 Bottom = 13 Left = 12 Right = 13.

With your magic Wand, click on the new border around your tag. CP paper 3 as a new layer. Selections-Invert-Delete. KEEP SELECTED!!!!

Invert again. Layers-New Raster Layer-ok. Effects-3d effects-cut out with these settings: Verticle=2 Horizontal=2 Opacity=65 Blur=4 and the shadow color and darker green you want. Click on the color box to change it. Fill with color NOT CHECKED. DS the same on this cut out layer and merge visible.

Add your name and © and save as a jpg.

Hugs, Lana

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